Our Commitment to Food Safety

You may have seen news of an isolated outbreak of botulism connected to a gas station in Walnut Grove, California. We are praying for the individuals battling the illness and their families.

We wanted to share some facts with our customers.

In Gehl Foods’ more than 120 years of providing high quality foods, we have never had to recall a food product. We take the safety of our food products very seriously and our sterilization methods are recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe.

When we were notified by the FDA that Gehl Foods’ nacho cheese was among the products seized at the Walnut Grove gas station during inspection, we immediately retested samples from the original lot, and it remains free and clear of any contamination. To ensure the integrity of the test results, we also sent multiple samples to an independent lab, which confirmed our findings.

According to health authorities, the illnesses appear isolated to one gas station in Walnut Grove, and we are working closely with those health officials to determine what caused the outbreak on site. The California Department of Public Health has said that there is no ongoing risk to the public.

All of our products are manufactured according to strict federal and state food safety regulations, and are tested and inspected throughout the process. For shipping, our cheese products are tightly sealed to ensure they remain sterile and safe.

Once opened, we provide strict temperature guidelines for customers, according to the FDA’s food safety standards, and recommend disposing of any leftover cheese after five days to ensure product quality.

Gehl’s facilities remain safe for food production and all of our food samples continue to test negative for any contaminants. There is no recall of Gehl’s nacho cheese product.

Since 1896, Gehl Foods has consistently provided great tasting, high quality foods and beverages. Key to our company’s success is our commitment to our core values, which includes protecting the well-being of every employee, customer, consumer and our community. We remain committed to upholding these values, and will always strive to ensure our products meet and exceed the highest possible standards.

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